The Concrete Polishing Process - Diamonds Are A Concrete Floors Best Friend

Diamonds are the hardest substance known to man, so it's no surprise that the process of polishing concrete involves

Polish the floor with coarse, metal-bond diamonds in order to remove all the major and minor imperfections and get the concrete down to a completely smooth, unmarked surface.

Apply a liquid densifier to the concrete, which hardens and strengthens it, while also absorbing the dust produced during polishing.

Polish floor again with progressively finer grit, resin-bond diamonds to develop shine.

The number assigned to the resin grit correlates to the shine, so for example, while a #400 to #800 grit polish is a traditional warehouse retail floor like Home Depot or Lowe's, a typical glossy-finish polished floor is anywhere from #1500 up to #6000 grit. After the second polishing, the liquid densifier can then be reapplied and the floor re-polished until the required level of shine is achieved. Polished Concrete Floors uses superior lithium densifying liquid for results of the highest standard.

If you want a floor with color, there is a wide variety of standard and some actually stunning colors that will be sure to suit your building and application, which can be added as a dye or stain that is applied to the concrete with the densifier. Finally, a protective sealant layer is applied to the floor and this is burnished into the concrete, providing maximal protection against chemicals and abrasions. This entire process results in a floor that is both functional and attractive and that will last for years to come with minimal maintenance.