Save Your Concrete Floors From Major Damage

Install floor joints at your property in Orlando, Winter Park, Baldwin Park, FL or the surrounding area

Every concrete floor needs some space to breathe. When the temperature rises or falls, the concrete will expand or contract-if it doesn't have space to move, your floors will crack, leaving unsightly break lines all around your shop.

Fortunately, Polished Concrete Floors, LLC can help. Our crew installs floor joints into old concrete. If you've been experiencing cracks in your floors, we can put new joints in the right places and stop your floors from cracking more.

Preserve your floors with new floor joints from Polished Concrete Floors. Reach out now to schedule service at your Orlando, Winter Park, or Baldwin Park, FL business.

Reasons you need floor joints

Reasons you need floor joints

Floor joints are a unique part of construction that most property owners know nothing about, but they're essential. These careful cuts in your concrete...

  • Allow the material to expand on hot days
  • Allow the material to contract on cold days
  • Protect your floors from ugly cracks and destructive breaks
Email us today to talk about floor joint service and installation. We serve Orlando, Winter Park & Baldwin Park, FL and the entire surrounding area.