Polished Concrete Floors, LLC is the premier provider of large and small scale commercial and industrial polished concrete flooring services in Orlando, Winter Park & Baldwin Park, Florida and the southeastern United States.

Polished Concrete Floors, LLC specializes in the expert installation of stunning and beautifully polished concrete flooring systems on new concrete and the resurfacing and surface preparation of existing concrete flooring and new polished concrete finishing.

Polished Concrete Industrial Flooring In Florida And All Of The Southeastern United States

Polished Concrete Is The "Green" Concrete Flooring

Another big advantage in installing a polished concrete floor, is that it is an extremely environmentally friendly process. This makes polished concrete flooring a great choice for sites wishing to use more "green" processes during construction, such as schools where children will be in contact with the surface. The application process is entirely odor-free and releases no harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the environment, so it is completely safe for employees, customers or even children to be in the building while the process is taking place.

IPCI Certified

The International Polished Concrete Institute (IPCI) is one of the world leaders in concrete polishing training, education and resources. As a member of IPCI, we are able to connect with and be a resource for architects and general contractors by providing the knowledge and skill on the polishing process. The IPCI created guidelines detailing the entire concrete polishing process. Everything from recommended flatwork requirements and concrete grinding steps to sheen level applications, this allows architects to solicit bids from only the most experienced concrete polishers. Another benefit of being IPCI certified is having access to articles written by leaders in the industry, ensuring we maintain a high level of expertise.

ASCC Certified

The American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC) is the industry's leading professional association and certifies the professionals in the industry that meet their standards of excellence. We are proud to have undergone the intensive certification process to become ASCC certified to provide the best service possible with the highest quality product.

Concrete Polishing, Sealing and Staining

Concrete polishing and burnishing is a great alternative to epoxy or urethane for flooring, especially when a decorative, low maintenance solution is desirable or required for heavy-use industrial areas such as a warehouses, show rooms, retail premises or schools.

The process of concrete polishing not only provides a high gloss, attractive surface but also actually strengthens the concrete, making it more durable and adding years to its life. Concrete polishing makes the floor highly abrasion and chemical resistant, while also being able to withstand the highest traffic and still look attractive. The process therefore both protects your concrete floor while also enhancing its appearance.

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Features and Benefits of Polished Concrete Floors

So, let's sum up the main features and benefits of polished concrete to see why you would want to choose polished concrete for your floor.

  • Polished concrete is "Green" flooring and totally environmentally friendly
  • Polished concrete is durable and holds its "New" look
  • Polished concrete is low maintenance and easily cared for
  • Polished concrete comes in a variety of beautiful colors and styles to choose from
  • Polished concrete is affordable
  • Polished concrete is outstanding in high-traffic, heavy use areas
  • Polished concrete is safe and provides excellent protection against slipping